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Speaker Series
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Speaker Series Presents - "Name"

01/01/2022 | 6:00PM

Building 5, Elm Street, Manchester, NH

About "Name"

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wyc grousbeck

Speakers Series Luncheon

The Professional Speaker’s Luncheon appeals to the corporate community, focusing on enhancing professional development by featuring inspiring, motivational speakers. Held at the Union Street Clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester, this event attracts 220 business professionals from the greater Manchester community. 

A boxed lunch is served with the opportunity for networking and a one-hour presentation by the keynote speaker. 

Since the conception of this community favorite event, we have had the opportunity to hear from community leaders such as Wyc Grousbeck, Jim Koch, Jason Kuhn, and Molly Fletcher. 

If you have recommendations for future Guest Speakers, please contact Katie Boyden at or 603.625.5031 ext. 228