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Heritage Club

Legacy giving is a powerful way to leave a lasting impact on a cause that you care about deeply. By joining The Heritage Club, you have the chance to create a legacy that will live on for generations, providing support and opportunity for countless children in the Greater Manchester community.

“You never know what kids could grow up to do. Make your investment with the end in mind, with the end being a century from now. Investing in the education and welfare of children is investing in our future. "

-Mark Mulcahy, Heritage Club Member &BGCM Board of Trustees


Become a Heritage Club Member by including the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester in your estate plans. By doing this you are sending a powerful message that our community’s youth will benefit from the Club’s programs and services for generations.

  • Current Gift of Appreciated Stock or Real Estate
  • Bequest: The simple way to leave a substantial gift
  • Life Insurance: A large gift with a small cost
  • Charitable Trust: Substantial benefits to the donor
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: A guaranteed income stream for life

If you are looking to incorporate the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester into your estate plan, please contact our Chief Executive Officer, Diane Fitzpatrick at for more information.